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Semrush Black Friday Deals: Get A Additional Seat (Worth $960) With One-Year Guru Plan

I guess you are looking for Semrush Black Friday Deals…

If yes, then this post might help you because I am going to share the complete details of the Semrush Black Friday sale.

Semrush is an SEO tool that does your keyword research, tracks the keyword strategy used by your competitors, runs an SEO audit of your blog, looks for backlinking opportunities and lots more.

If you want to know more about Semrush then consider reading this comprehensive Semrush review…

Semrush is trusted by internet marketers all over the world. It is also used by a number of businesses, big and small.

So, let me share the complete details of the Semrush Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale:

Semrush Black Friday Deals

Semrush Black Friday Deal

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best days for Bloggers and Internet Marketers. Because all big brands offer HUGE discounts on their products so they can save money.

Everyone is looking for these days to come and holding their cards in hand to grab the amazing deals.

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Semrush is offering a great savings of $960 on one year purchase of the Guru plan. Because Semrush is offering an additional free user sear with the purchase of a one-year Guru plan.

The discount is valid for only new and free account users and it is a limited-time deal that will expire soon.

Semrush Overview

Semrush Black Friday Deals

Semrush is an all-in-one SEO tool that contains more than 40 various SEO tools which make performing various tasks easy for you.

It includes keyword research, backlink analysis, site audit, backlink audit, competitor analysis, creating SEO-optimized content, finding backlink building opportunities, finding keywords & backlinks gaps between you and your competitors and many more things using just one single tool.

Semrush is not just limited to SEO tools only, rather it helps in enhancing your social media marketing efforts also, it offers social media post schedule, editorial calendar, brand monitor tool and many other social media tools which help in keeping an eye on your competitors on different social media channels and getting sneak-peak of their strategies.

Beginners always find it an expensive tool but wait a minute and write down all its tools prices separately if you buy them alone in the market. It would be approx 10x more than the Semrush pro monthly cost. Am I right?

Semrush is a great tool and it is behind the success of many online businesses around the world.

If you want to try your hands on the Semrush tool then consider opting for the Semrush 14-days trial and test the tools for free for the next 14 days and then decide whether it is worth proceeding further or not.

>> Grab Semrush 14 Days Free Trial

What Can You Do With Semrush?

Semrush has more than 40 SEO and social media tool in one suite. You can not imagine what you can achieve using this single tool. It saves your money too because you don’t need to invest in other tools separately because you can get them all within Semrush.

Let’s see a few things that you can achieve with the use of Semrush:

Find Your Competitors’ Best Keywords:  SEMrush allows you to find keywords that improve rankings and increase traffic for your competitors. This allows you to see what keywords they are using organically and also how much organic traffic comes from those keywords.

Improve Your Rankings Through Keyword Research: With SEMrush you can improve your rankings by first finding relevant keywords and determining which ones have the highest volume of search traffic under each keyword. Then spying on your competitors who are already ranking, scan their content and write a better article to dominate them.

Analyze Backlink Gap: Semrush also allows you to find the Backlinks Gap, you can easily find who is linking to your competitors but not you. So, you can outreach them to build some quality backlinks.

Generate New Topics To Write: Always get stuck to find topics to write on? Semrush has a solution for this too, its Topic research tool can help you to find the best performing content topics around your niches.

Capture Leads Easily: You might be thinking, does Semrush helps in collecting leads too? Yes, you got that right. With a small snippet of code, you can start collecting leads from your blog using Semrush.

Perform Site Audit: This one tool in Semrush can help you to find all problems related to your blog/website. You can easily find why your website is not ranking, why Google is not loving it. Through the Semrush site audit tool and work on those areas to gain higher rankings and traffic.

Find Competitor’s Ad Copy Easily: With SEMRush, you can find your competitor’s ad copy as well as the ads they are running through Google Adwords’ search network.

Monitor Social Mentions & Brand Reputation: Semrush allows you to monitor your social mentions as well as those of your competitors. You can then use this information to make more informed decisions or to even plan a more effective social media strategy.

There are many more things you can do with Semrush, you can read all here.

Semrush Pricing

Semrush offers three plans, Pro, Guru and Business that cost starting from $119.95, $229.62 and $449.95 per month respectively.

Let’s talk about each plan separately:

Semrush Pro: Semrush pro plan is the cheapest plan you can have, it allows you to have up to 5 projects(your website or competitors, you can monitor these sites at dashboard), you can track up to 500 keywords with daily updates.

Semrush Pro plan doesn’t include the Semrush content marketing platform and a few other features like historical data, API access, Google data studio integration etc.

This plan will cost you $119.95 per month, but if you want to try your hands first then here is a 14-days free trial of the Semrush Pro plan.

Semrush Guru: If you want to have the Content Marketing Platform with your Semrush account then this plan is perfect for you, it will cost you $229.62 per month. You can save up to 17% if you opt for any Semrush plan for an entire year.

In the Semrush guru plan, you can have up to 15 projects and track 1500 keywords with daily updates. It gives you access to Google Data Studio Integration along with the Content Marketing Platform, these both you don’t get in Semrush pro.

Semrush Business: The most expensive plan of Semrush would cost you $449.95 per month and provide you access to tools & features without any restricted features.

You can have up to 40 projects(domain added in Semrush to monitor) and 5000 keywords to track with daily updates. You get the access to Content Marketing platform and can integrate with Google data studio.

If you want to see the comparison of Semrush plans then consider checking this out…

Semrush Alternatives

Here are the best three alternatives of Semrush:

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is the best alternative to Semrush, it offers almost the same tools that Semrush offers at very affordable pricing. Its pricing starts from $99 per month.

FYI, Ahrefs bot is the second most active bot after Google bot. It outperforms the other search engine bots like Yahoo, Bing and Yandex.

>> Read the comparison of Ahrefs and Semrush

2. Serpstat

Serpstat Semrush alternative

Serpstat is a powerful domain and backlink analysis tool that is available for free to use, it also has premium plans which provide you access to all features without any restrictions.

Serpstat allows you to do domain and backlink analysis, keyword research, competitor spy, Site audit and so on.

>> Read the comparison of Semrush vs Serpstat

3. Moz

Moz Semrush alternative

Moz is an advanced SEO toolkit that offers various tools that make it easy to gain good rankings and traffic. It has tools for keyword research, site audit, rank tracking, backlink analysis and the list goes on.

Moz pricing starts from $79, it is a bit cheaper than the Semrush but Semrush definitely have more features and tools than Moz.

>> Read the comparison of Semrush vs Moz

FAQs About Semrush Black Friday Deals

Here’re a few frequently asked questions that people ask about Semrush Black Friday Sale:

What is Semrush?

Semrush is a powerful suite of tools that allows you to perform various SEO tasks like keyword research, site audit, backlink audit, competitor research and a lot more things. It makes it easy to grow your business online.

Can I use Semrush for free?

Yes, Semrush does have a free plan, when you signup for the Semrush trial and if you don’t upgrade your plan when the trial period is over. Your Semrush account will automatically be converted to the free plan. You will be allowed up to 10 new queries per day with competitor and keyword research tools. You can learn more about Semrush free plan here…

What is Semrush’s refund policy?

Semrush offers a 7-day money-back guarantee with all its plans. You can ask for a refund within 7 days if you don’t like their services.

Is there any free trial available with Semrush?

Yes, Semrush does have a free trial option which you can opt for and use their premium plans for free. Below are the links for the Semrush trial:
>> Semrush Pro 14-Days Free Trial
>> Semrush Guru 7-Days Free Trial

Which plan would be better for me, Pro or Guru?

If you are a blogger, affiliate marketer or in-house marketer then the Semrush Pro plan would be perfect for you. But if you are a professional SEO consultant or an agency then prefer choosing the Guru plan.

When Semrush Black Friday sale will be live?

The Semrush Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale will be live from November 23, 2022 and will end on November 30, 2022.

Final Words On Semrush Black Friday Sale

Semrush is the no.1 SEO tool available out there, I have been using it since 3 years back and it helped me a lot in growing my blog and gaining good rankings in SERPs.

If you are not sure about whether you should purchase or not then consider trying by signing up for Semrush Pro 14-days free trial from here. Then decide whether you should proceed or not, according to your experience with it.

But trust me, you’re not going to get the same discount in future because this is once in a year deal. Semrush is giving offering the biggest deal ever on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. You have a great chance to grab this and save your money.

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